Burl Audio B2 Bomber ADC, with Dante option BAB2BADCD BAB2BADCD

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The Burl Audio B2 BOMBER ADC is a thoroughly considered, flawlessly designed, and expertly crafted analog to digital converter. 30 segment peak amplitude and RMS metering make it great for mastering in addition to tracking and mix down. The B2 will help you avoid the normal pitfalls common to digital recording such as graininess and lack of depth by using an audio path which is complimentary to your Mic Pre, using a hybrid circuit with our own Burl BX1 transformer, and a class-A, zero feedback, zero capacitor signal path. You will find that the tonal balance and dynamics are unmatched among audio to digital converters.

The B2 DAC partners perfectly with the B2 ADC to complete your Master Signal Chain. It will bring you gorgeous tone, pound you with low end and give you smooth stereo spread throughout the spectrum.

Both the B2 ADC and B2 DAC feature identical, incredibly low jitter clocking, precision metering and stepped attenuators. Both units are available with or without Dante, and they can be packaged together for a $500 discount.

• 44.1k Hz to 192k Hz, 24 bit, 2 channel ADC 
• Proprietary, high definition, BURL Audio BX1 transformer input 
• All class A, discrete transistors signal path with zero feedback, zero caps 
• Audiophile quality 6 position attenuator with standard headroom settings 
• High definition metering with simultaneous RMS and peak indication 
• Dante, 2 AES, SPDIF and Toslink output 
• BNC word clock input with two outputs of extremely low jitter clock 
• Frequency response at 48kHz sample rate is 12Hz to 22kHz, +/- 0.1dB 
• Frequency response at 96kHz sample rate is 15Hz to 46kHz, +/- 0.1dB 
• Frequency response at 192kHz sample rate is 18Hz to 94kHz, +/- 0.1dB 
• 120dB Dynamic Range (A- weighted), 117dB (no weighting) 
• -100dB THD+N (+4dBU = -18dBFS) 
• -94dB THD+N (+21dBU = -1dBFs) 
• Rugged, Made in USA design

Brand URL : https://burlaudio.com/products/b2-bomber-adc

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