Sound And Audio Equipment Installation and Servicing

We can do on-site repairs as well as bench work, whatever your needs, talk to us personally.


dB Sound Design can provide you with expert service experience in a wide range of brands, including: Neve, SSL, Trident, Amek, Studer, MCI, Sony, Telefunken, Otari, Sound Workshop, Neotek, API, Urei, Midas, Helios, EMT and much, much, more. No problem is overlooked, and there are very few that we haven't seen somewhere along the journey.

  On Site Fees Are As Follows:    

1/2 day minimum 4hrs @ $90/hr

  1 full day 8hrs or equivalent $675  
  Travel: Roundtrip NYC $40  
  35-50 mi. $60  
  51-100 mi. $100  
  Bench fee: $80/hr no minimum    
  Pick up drop off fee when available $75  

Console Refurbishing:

Cost of refurbishing your console varies according to condition of unit. Picture on right is of a recent removal of a Neve 8048 frame from Loho Studio for refurb and shipment to Sweden.

Vintage console & Equipment Recapping:

Will price on per module/unit basis. Extensive experience and parts sourcing ability. Very reasonably priced. Clean and quick turn around. On site capabilities as well.


Ultrasonic Cleaning:

Ship to or on site. No additional charge for usage. Hourly rates apply.

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Since 1992, dB Sound Design has worked with some of the biggest artists, producers and commercial studio owners in the music industry to meet all of their diverse needs. The extensive client list of top industry professionals speaks to dB Sound's commitment to excellence. Unlike many of our competitors we listen to what you want, provide it at a reasonable cost and support the end result long after the job is finished.  OUR CLIENT LIST
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