• Eventide Eclipse V4 Effects Processor

    The Eventide Eclipse V4 Effects Processor is a superior effects box compact enough to to slip into a single rack spot and includes analog and digital I/O ports. Includes 24-bit digital conversion and 96kHz sampling and almost 100 algorithms packed inside. Dual routing configurations let you use Eclipse as two independent effects processors; ideal for the smaller, budget-conscious studio. The two effects blocks' inputs and outputs can be configured for stereo or mono. Or, select a preset that combines two algorithms or recursive combinations for big multi-effects without sacrificing quality.

    We've packed Eclipse with effects Eventide is famous for. There's quick, seamless pitch shifting including our innovative Micro pitch shift, which FOH engineers and vocalists have come to rely on for turning good vocal performances into great ones. Eclipse boasts no fewer than 11 reverberation algorithms plus four plex algorithms. Originally developed for Eventide's industry-standard Orville™ and DSP 7000 series, these reverbs have been carefully and faithfully transplanted into Eclipse. And all reverbs are true stereo in and out, not mono in, stereo out. The vast array of delays lets you design lush, dense soundscapes. You'll find band delays, chorus delays, comb delays, ducked delays, ring delays and pan delays. And with 20 seconds of memory per effects block, Eclipse is a looper's delight. It's easy to get lost in the 20-second mono loop, 10-second dual loops, 20-second reverse loop, and 10-second dual reverse loop. Remember, these looping presets running on one FX block leaves the other FX block available for adding texture or dimension.

  • Eventide H7600 2 Channel Effects Processor

    The Eventide H7600 2 Channel Effects Processor is unsurpassed in power with 1100 preset-algorithms, 174-second sampler, and sorting capabilities for unprecedented stereo effects processing. Eventide’s effects processors have earned their legendary and classic status for decades by rejecting the concept of planned obsolescence.

    Eventide introduces the H7600 only because it offers a major leap forward in power, capability and performance. More capabilities and better performance— the densest reverbs, lushest choruses, and highest quality pitch change ever. An enhanced user interface adds search capability so that the H7600 is even faster and easier to use - in the studio or on the road. The H7600 Ultra-Harmonizer effects processor brings you one step closer to stereo effects Nirvana.

    World-class reverb lives and breathes in the H7600. Stereo versions of the reverbs which earned Eventide the coveted Best Reverb Award from Studio Sound magazine are included the H7600. Dozens of new environments ranging from "Car Window" to mall spaces, big halls, plate reverbs, arenas, rooms, chambers, and even the "impossible" reverb we call "Black Hole" are found in the H7600. Whether it’s large or small, real or imagined, there’s a reverb for every musical genre and every post-production requirement.

    Ordinary processors have a limited number of processing algorithms. Their programs and presets can only be variations of that limited repertoire. In sharp contrast, each of the H7600’s 1100 factory preset-algorithms are created from a wide array of effects building blocks — over 230 in all. In the H7600, each preset is its own unique algorithm. Create your own unique effects from the front panel, or using the included VSIG™ (Windows) or VSIG-X (Mac OS-X) development tools.

    The Eventide H7600 puts a highly flexible 174 seconds mono (87 seconds stereo) sampler at your fingertips. With stereo looping and multiple sampling capabilities, you can stack several samples and independently edit them, pitch shift, and/or time compress or expand them. Tap tempo looping adds to the versatility. From dance remixes to nuts-and-bolts radio and post-production, the H7600 sampler gets the job done.

  • Eventide H8000FW Effects Processor

    The Eventide H8000FW Effects Processor provides unprecedented power with more than 1,800 post-production and music effects preset-algorithms to put creativity at your fingertips. The H8000FW offers four channels of pristine analog I/O combined with eight channels of AES/EBU, ADAT, and S/PDIF I/O. New FireWire I/O now allows direct connection to your Mac or PC so you can directly patch 24-bit audio to and from the eight inputs and outputs including ¼" hi impedance input jacks or XLRs. The H8000FW also offers remotely switchable true bypass.

    Some of the features which are quickly becoming post-production and broadcast essentials are full MIDI control or analog control, the capability to create your own algorithms with supplied development tools for PC and Mac, an insane assortment of post-production sound effects, eight individually adjustable sets of straight delays, modulated delays, ribbon delays, reverse delays, panning delays, diatonic shifters, flangers, EQs, phasers, tremolos, and filters.

    Additionally the H8000FW includes the most advanced pitch shifter optimized for the human voice, 174 seconds of mono or 87 seconds of stereo delay, 8 channels of time compression/expansion with the new phase-locked 8 channel Timesqueeze, twenty MIDI Virtual Rack preset-algorithms, featuring up to five full-blown effect processors ganged together. Each preset offers ten different tweaks which can be programmed, stored, and controlled in real time through MIDI.

    Finally, ¼” inch TRS jacks accept up to two external foot pedals, up to six external foot switches, or a combination. 5.1 frame rate conversion, and a dedicated channel for time code delay.

  • Eventide MixingLink Mic Pre-amp with FX Loop

    The Eventide MixingLink Mic Pre-amp with FX Loop is an insanely versatile stompbox size audio toolkit for on stage, in studio and everywhere in between. Use is as a high quality mic pre-amp, a sing through stomp box, a hotel practice amp, and A/B switching box and even as a multi instrument mixer.

    Includes a quiet high gain mic-pre, 48V phantom power and enough I/O and control for applications such as FX Loop for microphone signal processing (vocals, horns, strings, etc) , signal splitting and combining, complete re-amp setup, impedance and gain matching, mixing and more.

    Features include:
    interfaces with consoles or guitar pedals easily
    FX loop send and return supports balanced and unbalanced signals
    Latching or momentary footswitch control of FX loop for performance effects
    Works with a wide range of microphones including condenser and ribbon mics with up to 65dB of clean gain
    Aux I/O connection supporting stereo input and send
    Guitar amp output and headphone monitor output with separate master volume control
    International universal power supply included
    Operates on 9V battery (no phantom power when operating on a battery)
    48V phantom power for condenser mics
    Balanced XLR output which supports DI and line levels
    Instrument and balanced line level inputs

    Versatile mix control supports 3 modes:
    - 100% Dry w/FX blended in
    - Mic/FX balance control
    - 100% FX (no Dry)