Eventide UltraChannel Plug-In

Weight: 1 lb
Brand: EventideEventide

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The Eventide UltraChannel Plug-In is a high-precision, versatile channel strip for mixing and mastering all your instrument and vocal tracks with exclusive FlexiPath routing which allows processors to be ordered based on desired workflow.

There are an infinite number of ways to generate the exact tone, dynamics and frequency characteristics you’re seeking. Additionally, through its support for side-chaining, you can use an alternative audio source to color the characteristics of your main signal. It wouldn’t be an Eventide if it didn’t also feature micro pitch functionality (from our flagship H8000 hardware) to thicken or increase the stereo spread of any instrument or vocal.

UltraChannel plug-in features include FlexiPath™ routing with drag and drop for reordering the signal path of the top level components (O-Pressor, compressor/de-esser, EQ, Gate) for ultimate flexibility and experimentation.

Soft-Saturation and Transformer Emulation
The output module of UltraChannel contains a model of an analog transformer which can be driven into saturation. When subtly used, it provides distinction for signals of low frequency content. When driven hard, it recreates classic transformer core saturation.

For Producers:
UltraChannel can replace several plug-ins at once, allowing you to minimize CPU loading while still giving you full sonic control over every aspect of your tracks.

For Mix Engineers:
Carve a unique space for each element of a song through selective EQ, gating, and tempo-synced delays.

For Sound Designers:
Change the entire feel of an instrument through filtering, pitch shifting, delays, or aggressive compression.

Additional Features:
5-Band Parametric EQ
Over 200 Presets
Micro Pitch Shift & Stereo Delays

Brand URL : https://www.eventideaudio.com/products/plugins/pitch-delay/ultrachannel

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