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dB Sound Design is proud to introduce to you Chandler Limited. Chandler Limited specializes in making and remaking classic equipment that is no longer available or, in some cases, never was. Chandler grew from a demand for the classic equipment from yesteryear, basing their designs on vintage Neve and EMI equipment. Chandler products are hand wired and remain true to original circuit board layouts, delivering authentic tone and texture to the end user. On some units, Chandler has taken an amalgam of features and incorporated them into one design, resulting in a classic tone coupled with features that facilitate modern techniques and requirements. Most recently, Chandler has created two new 500-series modules: the Little Devil Compressor and Little Devil EQ. In addition to fantastic outboard gear, Chandler also offers up classic sounds in plug-in form with their spot-on emulations of the legendary Abbey Road console.

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