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Product description

Td&b NoizCalc is a simulation software to predict noise in the environment of one or more d&b sound systems. It uses data from the d&b ArrayCalc simulation software and calculates a noise grid map according to international standards. With these tools, the optimal sonic experience is delivered reliably and faithfully to the right ears, and not the wrong ones.

  • Editor and 3D map for modelling.
  • User-definable objects: buildings, acoustical ground properties, foliage, walls.
  • High-performance dynamic search calculation core with multi-thread capability for multi-core CPU.

The results are displayed as a grid noise map on the 3D terrain showing the calculated noise levels from the stage into the surrounding areas beyond the venue. This visual representation enables users to keep an eye on the noise immissions while planning PAs for events.

For a correct calculation at any distance, NoizCalc uses complex data concerning the addition and subtraction of sound waves, including phase information to describe the combination and interaction effects within a loudspeaker system consisting of multiple line arrays, subwoofer arrays and delay systems.


ISO 9613-2 is widely accepted and assumes favorable conditions for sound propagation thus providing a solid base for a worst-case noise scenario regarding meteorological conditions.

The model used in the Nord2000 standard was developed later and is more sophisticated regarding the consideration of physical effects (reflections, coherence lengths etc.) and meteorological conditions. Specific weather scenarios can be calculated and compared.

d&b NoizCalc was developed in collaboration with SoundPLAN, a specialist software developer for environmental noise prediction.

System requirements

Intel/AMD 1.5 GHz (Intel i5 or higher recommended)
Windows 7 or higher (64bit version recommended)
4 GB (8 GB recommended)
Free disk space
160 MB

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