Millennia HV-3R Remote Microphone Preamp MILLHV-3R MILLHV-3R

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The Millennia HV-3R is an 8-channel version of the very successful and popular HV-3C stereo preamp.
The HV-3R integrates advanced computer and network technology with Millennia's renowned HV-3 Series analog
circuitry, via high performance 4th generation relays rated for 50 million operations. Each input is captured with
unrestricted dynamic range and effortless musicality. The HV-3R has a plug 'n play Pro Tools interface via MIDI.
Using Ethernet, and a Remote PC or Mac application, you can manage a complex system from anywhere,
be it around the corner or around the world.

Open, Transparent Sound

Mic preamplifier's magnify the input as much as 1000:1. There's no "Undo" after this point. Coloration or
distortion become part of the signal. Lost information can never be recovered. Digital plug-ins can't "uncolor"
sound or restore lost upper harmonic partials. Data compression algorithms (MPG, AC3, DTS etc.) are unable
to distinguish signal from noise, so preserving signal clarity and integrity throughout the recording and
production process is critical to communicating the artist's intention and individuality. No matter how subtle or
attractive, a colored "signature" sound destroys options at every link in the chain. The HV-3 Series' open,
transparent signal path has defined "high definition" since its introduction.

Perfect for Location Recording

Location recording is a high-wire act, with only one chance to capture the living moment of
performance in its original ambience. The HV-3 Series is designed to transmit microphone signals
to recording devices unaltered and has proven its ability to drive extremely long cable runs.

Pristine Audio Path

There's no such thing as a straight wire with gain. But the HV-3 Series' transformerless input, balanced
audio path, minimal amplifier design has brought us closer than any other to our goal of absolute accuracy
and uncompromising sonic realism.

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