Clearsonic Mini Mega D, Dark Gray

Clearsonic Mini Mega D, Dark Gray
Weight: 250 lb

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Effective Drum Isolation!

The ClearSonic MiniMega offers up 360 degrees of ClearSonic's renowned panels, for superb sound isolation. It's ideal for isolating drum kits. You can enjoy around 60-70% sound reduction with the MiniMega, making it a perfect choice for lowering stage volume in live venues - such as a house of worship - or for achieving more effective recordings, with less issues with bleed. There are 25 acoustic performance baffles, one fan, and a special lid to reduce noise escapement. Onstage or in the studio, take advantage of the stylish and effective ClearSonic MiniMega isolation booth system.

ClearSonic MiniMega Drum Isolation Booth at a Glance:

  • Superb drum isolation in the studio or onstage
  • 360 degrees of acoustic panels for maximum isolation
  • A special lid baffle assists with noise escapement from the top

Superb drum isolation in the studio or onstage
Drums are an essential element of music - but can pose problems during live performances and in the studio. But, whether you're suffering from excessive stage noise - maybe during a house of worship service, on the school stage, or in a smaller venue - or you're having problems with general noise in your project or professional studio, you can benefit from the ClearSonic MiniMega. It's an effective drum isolation system, providing a welcome reduction in noise, while still offering a great-looking system with clear panels to retain the "feel" and the "exchange" between musicians.

360 degrees of acoustic panels, plus a lid, for maximum isolation
With the ClearSonic MiniMega drum isolation booth system, there are 360 degrees of panels in addition to a lid. All of these panels work together to provide superb isolation - without compromising in appearance. Large panels in the "front" are clear, so you can still connect with the drummer onstage or in the studio. But around the rear and on top, there are special acoustic panels which provide a particularly excellent response, while reducing noise between 60% and 70%.

ClearSonic MiniMega Drum Isolation Booth Features:

  • Dimensions: 7' wide x 6' deep x 6.5' tall
  • (1) A5-6 - 6-section CSP
  • (1) A5-5 - 5-section CSP
  • (11) AX12 - 12" height extenders
  • (1) STC5L - 2'W x 5.5'D center lid section
  • (1) STC512L - 12"W x 5.5'D center lid section
  • (2) STS5L - 2'W x 5.5'D side lid section
  • (25) S2L - 22"W x 2'H SORBER baffle
  • (1) Fan - 6", 2-speed, low noise fan
  • Amount of Sound Reduction: 60-70%

    Manufacturer Part Number MMD

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