JBL ASB6128V High Output Extended Response Dual 18” Subwoofer in V configuration JBL-ASB128v_183 JBL-ASB128v_183

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Check out the JBL ASB6128V! It is a high power subwoofer system comprised of two 460 mm (18 in) NDD Neodymium Differential Drive low frequency drivers in “V”-loaded configuration. The compact cabinet provides a common height with some of the AE Series full-range loud- speaker models, for easy arrayability of multiple cabinets with the subwoofer in the center. 


The “V”-loaded baffle provides additional sensitivity in the deep bass region as well as tighter clustering of drivers for better mutual coupling in arrays. A deep cabinet design allows sufficient internal volume for extended low frequency bandwidth with mini- mum frontal profile. The rectangular cabinet is fitted with M10 threaded suspension points. Pre-engineered array bracketry is available.


ASB6128V is part of JBL’s AE Application Engineered Series, a versatile family of loudspeakers for a wide variety of applications.



2 x 18" 2258H NDDTM Neodymium Differential Drive® drives in a folded baffle “V”-configuration.

Driver motor structures outward for maximum cooling.

Large vent area for high output with low distortion.

Parallel/Discrete Switchable.

Arrays with certain AE Series full-range
models (see AE Series Array Guide). 



Performing arts facilities

Theatrical sound design


Houses of worship

Live clubs


Sports facilities

Themed entertainment venues 




Frequency Range

22 Hz – 300 Hz (-10 dB)


Frequency Response

25 Hz – 300 Hz ( ± 3 dB)


Input Modes

Drivers Parallel / Drivers Discrete


Transducer Power Rating (AES)

2400 W (9600 W peak), 2 hrs


Long-Term System 

Power Rating (IEC)

1600 W (6400 W peak), 100 hrs


Maximum SPL

30 Hz – 100 Hz: 132 dB-SPL cont avg (138 dB peak) 

100 Hz – 300 Hz: 136 dB-SPL cont avg (142 peak)


System Sensitivity

(dB-SPL, 1W @ 1m)

25 Hz - 80 Hz 98 dB

80 Hz - 200 Hz: 102 dB


Nominal Impedance

4 ohms in parallel-drive mode 2 x 8 ohms in discrete-drive mode

Brand URL : http://www.jblpro.com/www/products/installed-sound/ae-series/asb6128v#.VxFcOcdqHdk

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