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The Eventide H8000FW Effects Processor provides unprecedented power with more than 1,800 post-production and music effects preset-algorithms to put creativity at your fingertips. The H8000FW offers four channels of pristine analog I/O combined with eight channels of AES/EBU, ADAT, and S/PDIF I/O. New FireWire I/O now allows direct connection to your Mac or PC so you can directly patch 24-bit audio to and from the eight inputs and outputs including ¼" hi impedance input jacks or XLRs. The H8000FW also offers remotely switchable true bypass.

Some of the features which are quickly becoming post-production and broadcast essentials are full MIDI control or analog control, the capability to create your own algorithms with supplied development tools for PC and Mac, an insane assortment of post-production sound effects, eight individually adjustable sets of straight delays, modulated delays, ribbon delays, reverse delays, panning delays, diatonic shifters, flangers, EQs, phasers, tremolos, and filters.

Additionally the H8000FW includes the most advanced pitch shifter optimized for the human voice, 174 seconds of mono or 87 seconds of stereo delay, 8 channels of time compression/expansion with the new phase-locked 8 channel Timesqueeze, twenty MIDI Virtual Rack preset-algorithms, featuring up to five full-blown effect processors ganged together. Each preset offers ten different tweaks which can be programmed, stored, and controlled in real time through MIDI.

Finally, ¼” inch TRS jacks accept up to two external foot pedals, up to six external foot switches, or a combination. 5.1 frame rate conversion, and a dedicated channel for time code delay.

Brand URL : https://www.eventideaudio.com/products/rackmount/post-production-effects/h8000fw

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