JoeCo Blackbox BBR64-Dante Multi-track Recorder JC-BBR64d JC-BBR64d

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The JoeCo Blackbox BBR64-Dante Multi-track Recorder for professional AV networking will record and replay up to 64 channels of audio data from a Dante™ network, recording at 44.1kHz and 48kHz directly to Broadcast WAV files on an external USB2 drive. (Higher sample rate recording is also accommodated at a reduced track count.)

With computer free operation for ease of use it accommodates 56 channels of Dante plus 8 channels of analogue for audience or other ambience and communication with any of the hundreds of Dante™-enabled devices now in use worldwide. Designed to support standard network components and switches, the BBR64-DANTE will lock to or generate word clock, as well as locking to the incoming Dante audio stream. In addition to the PFL bus providing both hi-resolution metering and headphone monitoring, an additional “mix” feature has been added to the headphone output.

The recorder connects to any Dante-enabled network device from a range of console and converter manufacturers including Yamaha, MIDAS, DiGiCo and Focusrite to name but a few. The unit can be remotely controlled and monitored via JoeCoRemote for iPad and has a range of fail-safe features to protect your process even in the event of a power failure. Simple full color screens instantly communicate all you need to know during operation and an additional software add-on turns the recorder into a BlackBox Player with instant playback.

• 64-channel record or playback at 44.1 and 48 kHz.
• Connects to any Dante-enabled network device from a range of console and converter manufacturers.
• Only 1 rack unit tall (435 x 44 x 170mm) and weighing just 2.1kg.
• Records standard broadcast WAV files to an external USB2 drive. Captured audio material can be imported into any digital workstation for instant re- purposing. No file transfer necessary.
• Simple to operate and understand.
• Simple to see what’s going on to disk.
• Headphone monitoring of internal mix, or PFL monitoring of individual/pairs of channels. Hi-res metering.
• Safe’n’Sound Record Recovery protects your files in case of power failure.
• Files can be time-stamped with respect to incoming timecode.
• Track, Song and Folder naming.
• Remote control via QWERTY keyboard, MIDI, Sony 9-pin, JoeCoRemote.
• Multiple units can be stacked for larger track counts.
• Optional Player software add-on for synchronous or instant audio playback.

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