AKG CK94 High Performane Figure 8 Condenser Microphone Capsule AKG-CK94 AKG-CK94

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The AKG CK94 High Performance Figure 8 Condenser Microphone Capsule is part of the Blue Line Series of high performance, small diaphragm, interchangeable, condenser microphone capsules which work exclusively with the SE300 B pre-amp module. The five interchangeable capsules in the series include the CK91,CK92,CK93, CK94 and CK98 and are distinguished by their polar patterns. This CK94 capsule has a figure 8 polar pattern which has a high rejection of sound from the side. Modulock coupling allows for quick changing of the all the capsules in this Blue Line Series and self-cleaning contacts ensure reliability and longevity.

The CK94 microphone is of rugged construction, with a smooth and well-balanced frequency response, high gain before feedback, a figure 8 polar pattern make it the perfect tool for applications where sound sources face each other, as in broadcast-interview and roundtable situations or as a side microphone in M/S stereo technique.
It is carefully handcrafted in Vienna, Austria.

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