JBL Intonato 24 Studio Monitor Management Tuning System JBL_Into24 JBL_Into24

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The JBL Intonato 24 Studio Monitor Controller helps you up your game (from the desktop computer) in recording, post production and broadcast. Set it up in your rack (2 unit rack mount) with your studio monitors and control up to 24 sources and 24 speaker lines. While the approach to control room monitoring has remained consistent over the years, the audio signal path and production workflow have evolved tremendously. This unit recognizes that the diversity of recording and listening environments has evolved and monitor control must change with it.

Intonato 24 can be used with and passive or powered speakers, but is optimized to work with the JBL 7 Series monitoring system, and the HARMAN BLU link network protocol makes it a snap to network with Crown power amplifiers and components. When used with the JBL 7 Series Master Reference Monitors, you can maximize dynamic range with either powered or installed models.

Struggling with a challenging room and wonky acoustics is a thing of the past with the Intonato 24. Regardless of the make of your speakers or the geometry of the room, you will be in control with the innovative Automated Speaker Calibration microphone which compensates by tuning each speaker into balance relative to the mix position.

Intonato 24 can manage any combination of up to 24 analog or digital speakers and headphones, and patch, manage, monitor and route up to 24 sources for truly immersive monitoring. You can also use it to assign up to 4 subwoofers as “Bass Management, and create and store customized down-mix configurations.

Complete configurations and parameters can be stored and instantly recalled for multiple clients. The GUI (graphical user interface) works with Mac, Windows, iOS and Android tablets to control volume, mutes, solos and much more.


Input connections for 24 analog, AES /EBU Inputs; up to 256 channels of networked audio in HARMAN BLU link or Dante format (with optional BLUDAN interface)

Software-controlled analog input sensitivity switches, level indicators and gain trims

Output connections include 24 analog outputs to powered speakers and power amplifiers; BLU link output allows networked connection to HARMAN Crown power amplifiers

Selectively monitor via one or more monitoring systems of up to 24 speakers

Volume, Mute, and Dim controls, plus individual speaker Mute and Solo

Automated Speaker Calibration with included microphone precisely balances, tunes and aligns all speakers to deliver greater accuracy to the mix position in any room; 12 bands of Room EQ, Delay, Level per speaker

Per-speaker, 8-Band User EQ allows standard and customized response curves such as X-Curve and compensation for perforated screen transmission loss

Sophisticated subwoofer integration for LFE channels and bass management

Variable Audio/Video Sync delay allows compensation for video display latency

Stereo Aux Out with dedicated level control, EQ and talk back system allows an independent feed to be sent to talent or a remote “green room”

Create, store and instantly recall project-specific configurations and speaker tunings

Intuitive setup and control with included Macintosh, Windows and iOS/Android tablet software or optional Intonato Desktop Controller

Low-noise fan for quiet operation

Brand URL : http://www.jblpro.com/www/products/recording-broadcast/monitor-controllers#.WQgB0FKZORs

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