AEA R44CX Passive Ribbon Microphone aear44cx aear44cx

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The AEA R44CX Passive Ribbon Microphone is a high-output version of the R44C, designed for recording, scoring and other many other applications which demand a wide dynamic range with the classic RCA 44 sound.

So what distinguishes the 4 sibling ribbon mics?
Here is the basic idea::
R44C is the foundation of this family
R44CE has a more economical shell and hardware fittings
R44CX uses extra magnets to provide 6dB of additional output
R44CXE has the extra magnets but with the more economical shell and hardware

The R44CX continues the legacy of the original RCA 44’s which began dominating the recording and production landscape all the way back in the 1930’s. When RCA shut down production over 40 years ago, AEA picked it up, improved it and continues to carry the torch. These microphone’s are still made for you today with full respect for the original quality design and craftsmanship, and even the same ribbon material, but with modern manufacturing precision for better consistency and durability.

The R44CX will handle your lows, mids and highs without flinching and has lasting relevance as it has gracefully transcended the digital age of recording. Put it to work on vocals, brass, electric guitar, or strings and you will not be disappointed.

If you want the same great sound and internal workings, but want to save a few bucks on the exterior finishes, then the R44CXE is what you want.

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