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This Compact Iso Booth Fits in Any Recording Space!

Improve your recordings, with ClearSonic's IsoPac B. If you need extra isolation in your live room, or simply don't have the space for a dedicated iso booth, then the ClearSonic IsoPac B is exactly what you need. Designed to provide up to 60% sound reduction, IsoPac B isn't just convenient, it's highly effective. The IsoPac B kit's small footprint makes it a perfect fit in any studio space. And since it's completely modular, you can always add more panels if you need a bigger isolation booth. In addition to transparent acrylic ClearSonic Panels, IsoPac B comes with a complete set of SORBER sound-absorbing panels, which provide excellent sound dampening. You even get a full SORBER lid so sound stays locked in the booth. And since the entire ClearSonic IsoPac B breaks down quickly and simply, it's also perfect for on-site recording rigs.

ClearSonic IsoPac B Portable Isolation Booth Features at a Glance:

  • Convenient, portable isolation booth that provides 50-60% sound reduction
  • Total overall dimensions of 7' wide, 9' deep, and 6.5' tall - perfect for larger kits!
  • This complete isolation kit includes:
    • 6 x A5 2'-wide, 5.5'-tall clear acrylic isolation panels
    • 6 x AX12 12" height extenders cover your cymbals
    • 3 x S5-2D 4'-wide, 5.5'-tall SORBER baffles (form the rear of the booth)
    • 1 x STC5D 2'-wide, 5.5'-deep center lid section
    • 2 x STS5D 2'-wide, 5.5'-deep side lid section
    • 4 x S2D 22"-wide x 2'-tall SORBER baffle provide extra absorption for drums
    • 1 x Fan Lasko/AirKing 6", 2-speed, low noise fan fan

      Manufacturer Part Number IPBD

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